👋Welcome to Pump Markets!

The Most Capital-Efficient Points Marketplace on Blast

Tired of losing out on yield and locking up capital in clunky, expensive pre-market platforms? We're revolutionizing the game by introducing OTC Trading for points and pre-market tokens that eliminates these pain points and enables you to earn up to ~15% yield on collateral.

Our Point Markets uses a smart contract to provide 2-sided escrow for buyers and sellers to trade their airdrop, points and pre-TGE tokens in a trustless manner, removing any counter-party risk.

Why Blast?

  • Blast's native yield mechanism allow collateral deposited in each buy or sell order to generate yield during its holding period. This was previously not possible on any other chain.

  • The points meta is booming in 2024, and teams are leveraging this as a key component of their go-to-market strategies.

    • With projects adopting reward initiatives prior to their airdrop or TGE going live, coupled with the Blast ecosystem itself positioned as the epicentre of the points narrative, building on Blast is a perfect alignment of market sentiment alongside our strategic vision.

Pump Markets has received an honourable mention award in the Blast Big Bang competition and is already stacking Blast Gold as the leading points marketplace building on Blast.

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