❌Market Cancellation

There would be times that Pump Markets has to cancel certain points market or pre-market due to external reasons, such as:

  • Project is no longer doing a points airdrop / Token launch

  • There is no clear indication from project team about TGE date & the market has been listed on pump markets more than 6 months

  • If airdrop is non-transferrable, 0% unlock at TGE

  • When pump markets team are not certain about the correct points to token ratio etc.

If such moment arrives, both buyer and seller will be able to cancel their order with 0% fee after 24 hours

  1. Go to PORTFOLIO

  2. Under Claimable section, users can click claim and retrieve collateral at 0% fee

  3. Users have 3 months to claim the funds. After 3 months, the funds will go to protocol’s wallet

After 3 months from the date of market cancellation, users would not be able to claim their funds

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