Season 2 - Mainnet

Season 2 is an important phase for the growth of Pump Markets.

Our points system has been engineered to ensure users who are bootstrapping platform liquidity will be rewarded significantly and can be able to contribute to the future governance of the protocol. As a result, the rewards on offer in Season 2 are significantly greater than those in the previous season.

Mainnet Pump Points

There are 3 ways to earn Pump Points on mainnet.

1. Listing Offers

  • Listing offers-to-buy will earn more points than offers-to-sell.

  • Mainnet Pump Points are only rewarded to offers that are close to the median price.

  • Mainnet Pump Points for listing offers will only be visible at the end of the season.

    • This is to prevent gaming the system and ensure a fair experience for all users.

WARNING: Our mechanism has been designed to reward real users who are actively trading on Pump Markets. Users who attempt to "game" the system (e.g. by listing offers that are a significant distance from the price of recently filled orders; placing then cancelling orders a short while later) will not be rewarded.

2. Filling orders

  • Every eligible dollar spent on Pump Markets = 1 Mainnet Point.

    • ETH order is pegged to 3000 USD

      • For example, an eligible order of 0.5ETH could earn 1500 Mainnet Points..

  • Your order is eligible to earn Mainnet Points when your offer is filled OR you fill an existing listing.

3. Referrals

  • Once your referee has over $100 USD worth of filled orders on Pump Markets, you will automatically earn 5% of your referee’s Pump Points.

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