Fill Offer-to-sell

Fill an offer that is selling their pre-market tokens

You can select an offer-to-sell listed by another user , in order to purchase Tokens that you are looking to accumulate.

There are two types of Fill:

  • Single: Entire offer must be filled by one user.

  • Partial: Multiple users can contribute to fulfill the offer.

  1. Select an offer with a price aligned with your desired purchase price.

  2. Deposit collateral of equal value to the desired purchase transaction.

  3. Your deposit will be locked in a smart contract, and will only be released to the Seller when they settle your order.

  4. You will receive a Proof-of-purchase receipt (in the form of a Proof-of-Collateral NFT), which will be required in order to claim your tokens / collateral at Settlement.

Once you fill an offer, you cannot cancel your order. Learn more on the Settlement section.

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