Season 1 - Pre-testnet

How to earn Pump Points (PP) in Season 1


By completing the onboarding process and joining our Telegram channel, you will earn 10 PP every hour until ███████


Invite others to boost your points. You will earn PP for each referral and ■■% of PP earned by your invites.

Signing up with a valid referral code will give you an immediate 100 PP bonus.

Referral Tier

Pump Points rewards

Tier 1 (1-10 invites)

50 points per sign up

Tier 2 (11-25 invites)

80 points per sign up

Tier 3 (26+ invites)

100 points per sign up

These referral bonuses will remain ongoing and continue accumulating Pump Points across pre-testnet and testnet phases.

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