🔒Blast Native Yield

One of the biggest problems with current OTC points marketplaces is capital inefficiency. In this existing model, both buyers and sellers are at risk of locking capital in escrow for a long time if a project does not launch its token quickly. Essentially, they lose time value on their money, when it could be spent earning yield.

By building on Blast, Pump markets users will earn yield even while their capital is in escrow. Why?

Because Blast is the first L2 that incorporates a native yield design, enabling automatic compounding, with 4% for ETH and ~15% for stablecoin deposits (it could change according to L1 staking and MakeoDao's yield).

How does Pump Markets user claim their yield?

  • Every 3 months, yield refunds for wETH and USDB deposits will be airdropped to the users directly to their wallet that holds these deposits

  • Next distribution is 30th August 2024

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