⚒️Pump! Solution

  • Most Capital-Efficient Points Marketplace: Pump enables OTC trading of points and pre-market tokens from any project. Users can create a buy or sell order in a decentralized manner - all transactions will be executed via smart contracts, without the involvement of any centralized intermediary.

    • Native Yield : Once a Seller's order has been filled, they will receive up to 15% of yield on $USDB collateral as Pump Markets utilizes the underlying native yield mechanism on Blast L2. The platform holds Buyer's funds once each order is filled, then automatically re-distributes yield from these funds during the holding period once the order is settled. The holding periods typically range from 15 days to 1.5 months (dependent on the project's TGE or airdrop timeline).

      • This solves the issue of locked collateral generating zero yield. Assuming $40 million is locked on a traditional OTC market, the buyers and sellers lose $300K of yield per month.

  • Unlocking Liquidity via Tradeable NFTs: Once a Buyer's order is filled, they receive an representing their position (Proof-of-Collateral NFT). This can subsequently be traded on NFT secondary marketplaces on Blast, such as Blur or Blend or bridged out. Burning the NFT allows to withdraw underlying tokens or collateral.

  • Dynamic Collateral: When creating an offer, Sellers can choose to deposit either 50% or 100% collateral relative to the value of their position.

    • If the reduced collateral deposit option is selected, this reduces the value of the Buyer's Proof-of-Collateral NFT, therefore increasing the risk taken on by the buyer. To counteract this, Seller sacrifices all of the Blast points accumulating on their deposited yield to the Buyer as a trade-off between instant liquidity and future rewards.

Key FeaturesPumpOther Points Market

Native Collateral Yield

Up to 15%


Seller Collateral Required



Collateral Restaking*

Unlock through Proof-of-collateral NFT

Buyer Liquidity

Unlock through Proof-of-Collateral NFT

Permanently Locked

*Coming soon

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