Create Offer-to-sell

  1. Select the Pre-market token, quantity of Tokens and the desired sell price.

  1. Select Fill Type

    1. Single Fill: the entire offer must be filled by one user.

    2. Partial Fill: Multiple users can contribute to fulfill the offer. *Once a seller filled the offer-to-buy (even partially), the buyer cannot cancel the offer.

  1. Choose your collateral level:

    1. 50% collateral: while you can reduce the collateral required for the offer, you will pass on your Blast Points generated from the collateral to buyer, in order to compensate for their additional risk taken on by accepting an offer backed by less than 100% collateral.

      • Example: for an order of $100, when you deposit 50% collateral ($50), the Blast Points generated from $50 collateral will be given to the buyer every day until settlement and before Blast Points redemption.

    2. 100% collateral: if you deposit 100% collateral, you will earn the Blast Points generated from your portion of collateral every day until settlement and before Blast Points redemption.

  2. Deposit and sign in your browser wallet to confirm transaction.

If the Seller partially or fully defaults (doesn't settle within the 24 hours period of settlement post-TGE), the Seller forgoes ALL of their collateral to the Buyer(s), even the unclaimed portion. Buyer(s) could receive disproportionate upside if there are a small number of Buyers sharing the seller's defaulted collateral. See Settlement for more details.

Once one user fill your offer, you cannot cancel the offer. However, you can reprice the unfilled amount with 0.5% fee

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